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Do You Want to Make a Point?
I'm a communications professional with over 20 years of journalism and publishing experience.
I have edited and written for newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, eNewsletters and social media.
Here's where I can help you tell your story: 
  • Manage the content of a project on a variety of platforms;

  • Oversee and collaborate with a staff of editors, writers, graphic designers and most importantly, clients;

  • Strategize and produce a comprehensive public relations campaign, including creating websites, press releases, managing press relations and other communication tools;

  • Make dry editorial pieces sing using strong storytelling skills;

  • Write editorial AND advertorial articles, respecting "the wall"  between the two;

  • Work independently or with collaborators, with thought leadership, flexibility and a keen sense of humor;

  • And most importantly, meet deadlines, come in under budget and make clients happy.


  • Real Estate and Affordable Housing

  • Mental Health and Lifestyle

  • Mentoring

  • Ghostwriting

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